Finnish innovation The that allows a single person to handle a 30 ton shipping container.

Operating since 2012, ConFoot shipping container support legs are the most lightweight and cost effective container handling solutions on the market today. The high strength steel struts (weighing only 24 kg) can be fitted to any ISO shipping container corner casting in a matter of minutes. Once fitted, a container weighing up to 30 tons can be removed, or replaced onto a truck chassis by just one person.

All that’s required is a container mounted on a truck’s air suspension equipped chassis. After the suspension of the chassis has been adjusted, a truck can simply drive away, leaving a container standing for as long as needs be. Of course, the same procedure can be carried out in reverse to replace the container on the truck. The possibilities for enhancing, streamlining and reducing costs in a supply chain are vast.

Empowering smaller companies, and providing unparalleled flexibility to larger scale businesses, ConFoot legs have been put to use in a wide range of different industries. From freight forwarders, harbours and removals companies, to retailers, manufacturers and even the armed forces. Direct delivery to a provided address can be provided. Further information can be found on the ConFoot company website.


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